Five Things To Know About Being A Table Host

Our banquet is unique.

Everything will be revealed at the Table Host Training. Plan on attending – and bring your questions.

But here are FIVE THINGS to consider right now.

  1. There is NO cost to you. Table Hosts don’t buy a table. There is no cost for you or your guests. All banquet expenses are underwritten before the event so that funds given at the banquet go directly to saving lives.
  2. The goal of our banquet is to raise FUNDS and NEW PARTNERS.We aim to have the majority of banquet guests be completely new to the ministry. SO….
  3. Table Hosts prayerfully invite individuals or couples who are interested in learning about and possibly partnering with the Pregnancy Clinic Ministry. Remember: our goal is to have at least 50% of those that attend be new to the ministry, so don’t simply invite people already supporting or volunteering with the ministry.
  4. Serving as a Table Host is an important role, and so we will hold Information Dinners in early 2019 to provide you with the essential information to help you feel prepared. Our Information Dinners are delicious, short and sweet. You’ll get a preview of the speaker and also the Clinic’s exciting plans for the future.
  5. Have fun! You got the Table Host invite because we know that you love the work God is doing at the Pregnancy Clinic. Our Banquets are times of celebration for what God has done and anticipation for what He has next. The Pregnancy Clinic staff is here to help every step of the way, but really only God knows our final attendance list. We all get to join in on this incredible journey of surprise and amazement. Enjoy the ride!