Planned Giving and Endowment

Here are a few different ways you can make a financial gift to the Ministry. Be sure to consult you’re your CPA, financial planner or attorney to help with your decision.

IRA Qualified Charitable Donation:  For those 70½ years and older, you can now make tax-free charitable gifts from Individual Retirement Account (IRA) funds. When reaching this age there is a requirement to make a Minimum Required Distribution, which is also tax deductible when given to a 501©3 charitable organization such as the PC Ministry. Those with traditional or Roth IRAs can make a tax-free gift directly to a qualified charity.  You can use all or part of your required Minimum Distribution but must do so by Dec 31st to qualify for the current year.

Stock/Bonds or Mutual Fund Donations: With a charitable gift of appreciated securities, the donation you make and the deduction you receive is greater than it would be if you sell it and donate the cash proceeds instead. This is because your direct donation of securities will likely keep you from paying Capital gains, and you might be able to take an income tax deduction. Check with your CPA, financial planner, or attorney for details.

Legacy Giving: A Revocable Living Trust, other types of Trusts, as well as your Last Will and Testament can become the cornerstone of your estate plan. You can name the PC Ministry in your will, trust, or as a beneficiary in your life insurance or IRAs. A bequest can be made for a specific amount, for a percentage of your estate, or for all or a portion of what is left after distribution to your family. To make a gift to the PC Ministry from your estate, please consult with your CPA, financial planner, or attorney for details.

Pre-fund or "Stack" your charitable contribution: The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act of 2017 nearly doubled the standard deduction; however, to get the most tax benefit for your charitable deduction, consider pre-funding (or "stacking") two or more years of contributions into one year.  This may take you over the standard deduction for the year and increase your tax savings. Please consult your CPA, financial planner, or attorney with questions.


The PC Ministry has partnered with the Community Foundation of Anne Arundel County (CFAAC) to establish an Agency Endowed Fund.

This Endowment is an investment pool of money that can be used into perpetuity to advance the good work of the Ministry. The ministry's Endowment provides our partners an opportunity for giving with an eye to the future and the sense of security knowing that their gifts will be invested for the long-term benefit of our ministry.

Thanks to the gracious gift of a long-time supporter of the ministry, our endowment is off to a significant start to further our work of offering help, hope, and healing to the women in our community. As the fund continues to grow, we anticipate the time when it will provide steady funding to the ministry.

Because the Endowment Fund is managed by the Community Foundation of Anne Arundel County, all gifts to the endowment must be made on their website. Click the link below to be redirected to the CFAAC giving page.

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