History & Mission


The PC Ministry is a faith-based, medical non-profit, serving those facing pregnancy-related and sexual health issues by offering physical, emotional and spiritual support, and empowering them to make healthy and life-affirming decisions.


Waking up in the cold harsh reality of the detox unit of the hospital where she worked, Ila Ryan knew she had hit rock bottom. Through the cycle of abuse, alcohol, and pain, she’d had not one, but four pregnancy termination procedures. She was grieving the loss of her children.

In 1981, this brave woman stood in her Sunday school class and shared her story. When she finished, there wasn’t a dry eye in the room, but she was there to challenge the class to do something so women would realize that they had a choice; they had options.

In May of 1982, the Bowie Crisis Pregnancy Center opened its doors to provide those options: help and hope, for now and eternity, to women making decisions regarding unexpected pregnancies. Those foundational values and our mission of “empowering individuals to make healthy, informed, life-affirming choices” have remained steady as we have watched the ministry's name evolve, locations expand, and services grow. In 2005, the Severna Park office opened, bringing redemption to the former Gynecare Center, pregnancy termination clinic, turning it from a place of death and darkness to a refuge of life and light. In 2012, the Annapolis office opened, providing a refuge for women going to the Planned Parenthood for pregnancy terminations across the street.

The PC Ministry is a refuge where the truth is spoken in love, the Gospel is shared, and where a drink from a “cup of cold water” is offered. Within our doors, clients receive help and healing, and see life as God sees it…precious and full of hope.

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