You Are Not Alone

By Kelly Stauffer, Board Member, PC Ministry

“Carry each other’s burdens, and in this way you will fulfill the law of Christ.  If anyone thinks they are something when they are not, they deceive themselves. Each one should test their own actions. Then they can take pride in themselves alone, without comparing themselves to someone else, for each one should carry their own load.”

Galatians 6:2-5 

At first glance, this scripture seems to contradict itself. On one hand, it asks us to bear each other’s burdens, and then later we are told to carry our own load. What’s up with that!?! 

When I consider my personal experience with the Pregnancy Clinic Ministry, I begin to understand this scripture a little more deeply. 

I like to imagine an orchestra. Each instrument in an orchestra is unique and important, and all are directed by one conductor to make glorious music.

Like instruments, God has made us all in His image, perfectly designed in order to play the one part He has assigned to us. As one of His precious instruments, we have been given unique talents, abilities, and resources. God directs many orchestras, and He assigns to play in specific orchestras He conducts, in order to make the music He desires.

In His orchestra at the Pregnancy Clinic Ministry, we have a woodwind section that is skilled at empathic listening and counseling. There is a string section to perform important administrative tasks, and a brass section that is equipped to give sacrificially and financially and support the orchestra’s work. Our percussion section has the unique gift of seeing just when and where to step in and pray, encourage, and serve.

With God as our great conductor, we create magnificent, life-changing, baby-saving music. Everyone has a unique part – or load – to contribute, and our orchestra would not be the same without each and every part being played.

But, sometimes, our part is too much to carry on our own. We become worn down, weary, and unable to express the sound we were created to contribute. Our part – our load – is no longer joyful, but is a weighty burden.

For example, let’s say that a violinist just keeps missing notes. The Conductor, who knows the piece better than anyone, notices, and motions for a crescendo from the other instruments around the violinist. With their help and support, the violinist can rest, reset – and rejoin the music when ready. Our Conductor is always aware and ready to rescue us, His beautiful, hand-sculpted creation, and when we all respond obediently to His direction, our music works together in perfect harmony. 

Many years ago, I was that violinist, suffering after I’d had an abortion.

I thought that I could, or at least deserved to, grieve my abortion on my own. I tried to carry my part in the music on my own strength, to stuff down my pain and regret. As time went by, I became worn-down, weary, and unable to carry my part. My music suffered.

But our God is a Great Conductor, and He raised the voices of the players around me in order to carry me – and brought me to the Pregnancy Clinic Ministry’s Post-Abortion Bible Study.

I only found healing when I allowed others to come alongside and help carry my burden. It took humility to admit what I had done and that I needed help. Instead of shame, I experienced sacrificial love. The women around me revealed that God’s love is so deep it uproots every sin – even my abortion. God raised the voices of these women around me and helped me discover His unconditional love and forgiveness.

I rested, reset, found healing – and rejoined the music. Playing my part in God’s orchestra – carrying my own load – became joyful again, and I was able to help others carry their burdens, as well.

As we consider Sanctity of Human Life, I remember that God does not make mistakes. He has crafted every life with precision, and care, for His Purpose. Every baby saved, every woman healed, and every person who contributes to this ministry is a part of His symphony. Our music ebbs and flows as our Great Conductor guides our paths of giving and receiving.

Each voice silenced through abortion changes the look of our orchestras and affects God's symphony in ways we will never know or understand. God does not make mistakes. He uses each creation, even those we perceive to be flawed, damaged, and inconvenient, to make His beautiful music.

When we believe this about ourselves, truly and deeply in our hearts, we can begin to see His hand at work in the lives of others.

Prayer: Creator God, Please help me to carry my load and to realize when I need the support of those around me when my load becomes a burden. Give me eyes to see myself and those around me the way you see us, Lord, as your perfect, beloved creation. Thank you for inviting me to play a part in Your great orchestra of Life. In the name of Jesus, Amen.

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Meet Kelly: Kelly learned about the Pregnancy Clinic Ministry when she took part in the Post-Abortion Bible Study, offered by the ministry. She later joined the Pregnancy Clinic Ministry as a Board Member in 2019.  Kelly and her husband live in the Annapolis area with their three children.