Money Matters

By Dave and Barbara, LifeSense Education Teachers

“The earth is the Lord’s and everything in it.”

Psalm 24:1

Every day at the Pregnancy Clinic offices, volunteer counselors listen to and care for the young women (and men!) who come in. They are uncertain and worried about this unexpected surprise in their lives: a baby. 

Our counselors listen to our clients, hear their concerns, and offer encouragement and hope. They help them to imagine a new future, one that might include this baby. They share the truth of life in an ultrasound. They speak words of life found in the Gospel.

But our counselors also address some hard, practical issues: Which of your friends or family will support you if you choose to carry this baby and parent? What about your job – how can your employer support you? What about childcare, while you are at work? Let’s talk about college, and how you can still finish school while being a parent.

Parenting is a practical occupation, and as we all know, babies can be expensive.

Life is the most precious gift of all, and we truly believe that God gives us exactly what resources we need to care for our children. But sometimes we need help managing those resources.

At the Pregnancy Clinic, we are here to help our clients in this area, too. For more than a decade, we (David and Barbara) have been teaching the “How to Afford a Baby” class as part of the LifeSense Education program.

Our students are moms and dads who have chosen parenthood and want to alleviate the concerns they have on how they can afford this baby. They also have a genuine desire to learn how they can better manage their finances in order to provide for this new, precious life. We teach them the principles, tips and instructions for creating a spend plan (budget).

But our most important financial lesson isn’t found in a spreadsheet: it’s in scripture.

Did you know that there are over two thousand verses in the Bible concerning money and possessions? That’s 7% of the Bible. God is clear that “the earth is the Lord’s, and everything in it.”

Everything, not just some of it.

“But… my house?” YES. “My money?” Of course. “What about… my health?” Yes. “My marriage?” Still yes.

“….this almost invisible, preborn fetus??” Yes.

The earth is the Lord’s and everything in it.

In our classes, we remind our students that we are simply stewards, managers of this world God has given us, and all the many blessings he has temporarily entrusted to our care. We respect human life because we are made in the image of God. But Scripture reminds us that life belongs to Him, too. I cannot decide when and how to end a life, because it is not my decision to make. That life, and that decision, belongs to God and God alone.

It is so rewarding to see these moms and dads being proactive in providing for their baby and desiring to have financial stability and financial peace. We are privileged to walk alongside them as they make tough, financial decisions. Each at their own time, in their own way, they are putting their trust in the Maker of us all. It is a beautiful thing.

The earth is the Lord’s and everything in it.


Prayer: Dear Father, thank you for the men, women, and families who believe that their babies are wonderful and worthy of an abundant life! And, thank you for your Word to teach us how to handle money, possessions, and the people you have entrusted to our care. Help us to remember that we are just temporary stewards, and help us to be wise and faithful servants in doing your will. Amen.

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Meet Dave and Barb: Barb started counseling at the Pregnancy Clinic Ministry 10 years ago. She and Dave attend the Church at Severn Run, where were they coaching couples in their congregation about a Biblical approach to finances. For the last several years, Dave and Barb have volunteered together and taught the LifeSense Class, How to Afford a Baby. They are passionate about helping young families take on the responsibility of parenthood and find freedom in stewarding their finances. Thank you, Dave and Barb!