Abortion Discussion Training: For Everyone

From Sharon Greenip, M.ED, Director of Education and Training for the PC Ministry

Last week we offered our first ONLINE Abortion Discussion Training — a 2-hour workshop to help students find ways to discuss the topic of abortion with their peers, rather than debate it.  We expected a small group of participants.  WOW!  What an overwhelming response.  We had almost 50 people participate. Here are some of the comments we received:

"This training really helped me in learning to effectively and lovingly communicate -- even in situations not having to do with abortion; the tips given could apply to many situations!”

"This training helped me in so many ways, I now know how to help someone who will come up to say they are pregnant or think they are pregnant. I also know how to talk with some calmly and kindly who is considering abortion.”

Many people asked that we hold this again.  So we are!  And, since several parents and other adults attended, we want to welcome and encourage anyone to attend. 

Topics will include:

Communication skills

Fetal development overview

Medical facts of the most common abortion procedures

Plus, our Nurse Manager, Shellie Wilson, RN, will also be available to answer any medical questions you may have.

Registration Details:

This seminar will be offered online. On the morning of the class, we will email registrants a link to the online platform and instructions for how to access the handouts. When registering, please make sure your email address is correct.

We are offering two opportunities in May. Click on the seminar of your choice and complete your registration. Thank you!

Questions? Contact Sharon Greenip.