Julius – Voted MVP

From Derek McCoy, President, Board of Directors for the Pregnancy Clinic Ministry

I Love My Life.

I love my life. These words were spoken by young Julius during the Pregnancy Clinic's 37th Anniversary Banquet earlier this year. (Check him out in the video, here.)

Wow. I've served on the Pregnancy Clinic's Board of Directors for 10 years, currently as President, and I just love the story of this family. It so clearly demonstrates what God is doing here through your partnership.

This story starts 14 years ago, when Julius' mother, Talana, found out she was pregnant. As a single mom of one little boy, she felt pressured to have an abortion. So, she headed to a clinic she found online.

However, the abortion clinic she found had relocated, and in its space was the Severna Park Pregnancy Clinic. Talana walked in expecting to terminate her pregnancy, but inwardly praying for a miracle. She found hope, compassion, and proof of life in an ultrasound.

That life was Julius. He is 13 now, in middle school and playing football. Julius was voted MVP by his teammates and helped his team earn 2nd place in their Division in the County! And, in January, this awesome kid is going to be in a musical about Martin Luther King, Jr., at  Maryland Hall in Annapolis. 

In short, he's just a smart, funny, talented, AMAZING young man, who has already blessed the world so much in his young life.

We've been saying that your support builds families. It's true. Talana made a choice for life that day. Later, she and her then-boyfriend, Eric, got married, and their blended family now numbers 8 children (8!!). Most importantly, they found everlasting hope in Jesus, are active members in their church, and are raising their children to love the Lord. 

Your commitment - and God's amazing grace - built this family. Because of you, miracles like this happen all the time.

Join us in the stories that God is telling here. And this is a great time, because this year, a generous family is providing a special challenge gift. They believe so strongly in the work we do that they have given $18,000 and are challenging you and other partners to double that gift by the end of the year.

Partner with us today, and help us tell the stories of tomorrow.

Happy New Year!

In peace,

Derek McCoy, President, Board of Directors, Pregnancy Clinic Ministry