A miracle for Erin

From Rusty Allen, Volunteer Counselor.

My name is Rusty Allen, and it has been my privilege to serve as a volunteer counselor for the Pregnancy Clinic Ministry for more than 26 years. I love meeting the clients where they are, and sharing the life-changing message of the Gospel. I pray the Holy Spirit will be in EVERY counseling session to give me the words to minister to clients as God would want me to.

Recently one of my fellow counselors updated me about her client, "Erin." Do you remember praying for her back on July 4? Erin was anxious about her pregnancy and knew that her boyfriend was not supportive of her desire to have the baby.

Erin's boyfriend was very resistant to parenting this child, and was actively pushing her towards an abortion. She met with our counselor, heard words of hope and encouragement, and saw the image of her baby on the sonogram. But her heart was heavy when she left our office and headed into the long holiday weekend.

So we reached out to you for prayers.

And God, in his mercy, performed a miracle!

There is no better way to say it - Erin’s boyfriend had a complete change of heart. He embraced this new baby, and came alongside Erin in choosing life. Her family has rallied around her and showered her with gifts, and everyone is eager to meet their daughter, due to be born in early 2020. Thank you for your prayers - and Praise God!

Your support builds families. 

I see this every day. Because of our partners, Erin avoided the pain of abortion, her boyfriend's heart was transformed, their baby girl will live - and God has created a new story for this family.

One miracle after another - and this is just one of the many families your support has impacted!

I invite you to partner with us in the amazing work God is doing here. And this year, a generous family is providing a special challenge gift. They believe so strongly in the work we do that they have given $18,000 and are challenging you and other partners to double that gift by the end of the year.

I think we can do it.

Thank you for your partnership - and from all of us here at the Pregnancy Clinic: Happy New Year!


Rusty Allen, Volunteer Counselor, Office Manager