Abortion Pill Rescue: Gabrielle

From Shellie Wilson, RN, Nurse Manager for the Pregnancy Clinic:

As the Nurse Manger for the Pregnancy Clinic, I have been part of our Abortion Pill Recovery (APR) team since we treated our first APR client in 2015. This year we have seen a significant increase in the number of APR calls we have received, and our team has been busy!

One of those callers was “Gabrielle.” You may recall her name – you prayed for her in our October 27 e-newsletter. I'm excited to tell you more of her story.

Gabrielle and her boyfriend both had children from previous relationships. They were making plans to merge their families when they found out about the pregnancy. Gabrielle’s boyfriend was clear: he wanted to take care of the kids they already had, NOT add more. Without his support, she felt that her only choice was abortion.

Reluctantly, Gabrielle went to an abortion clinic and took the first pill of a medical abortion. (More about the medical abortion procedure HERE.) But she came to us immediately after leaving the abortion clinic, saying, “I regret this. I didn’t want to do it in the first place.”

To our great joy, when I preformed her sonogram, I saw a healthy baby on the screen. Gabrielle chose life for her baby – but she faced ever-increasing pressure from her boyfriend to take the second pill and finish the abortion.

We asked for your prayers, and we prayed as well.

And here's the rest of her story....

God honored our prayers! Despite ongoing pressure, Gabrielle stood firm in her decision for Life for her preborn child. Her pregnancy is progressing normally, and she is due in spring of 2020.As for her boyfriend, Gabrielle says that he has accepted her decision and is becoming more and more supportive each day. Please continue to pray for Gabrielle, specifically for:

  • Her safety throughout the pregnancy and delivery;
  • Gabrielle’s boyfriend, for a softened heart toward this new life, and growth in understanding of fatherhood;
  • and for God to use this pregnancy to bring this family closer to Him.

God doing an amazing work in this Ministry! Because of your prayers and support, our medical team was here to minister to Gabrielle when she needed us, and she was emboldened to stand against the pressure to abort her baby.

Your support isn’t just saving babies. You are changing lives and building families that God will use for his glory. I can’t wait to see more of the story God is telling in the lives of Gabrielle and her family.

Thank you for helping to make this possible.


Shellie Wilson, RN

Nurse Manager, Pregnancy Clinic Ministry