Meet the Normans!

From Angela Murray, Director of Outreach and Volunteers:

As the Director of Outreach and Volunteers for the Pregnancy Clinic, it is my pleasure to see firsthand how God brings people to this Ministry for His divine purpose. I have seen lives changed, precious babies saved from abortion, and women experience His grace and forgiveness from past abortions. 

I love seeing the stories God is writing in the lives of our clients. One of my favorite stories - still being written by His hand - is about Justine and Dave. Your support helped to make this story possible.

I first met this young couple when they came to our Annapolis Clinic, fearful and anxious about their unexpected pregnancy. They were both newly-committed to a sober lifestyle and had been dating just a few months. They were simply overwhelmed by the prospect of being parents. Justine confessed that she felt an abortion was their only choice.

But after hearing the sound of their baby’s heartbeat “filling the room” during an ultrasound, Justine and Dave courageously chose life for their baby, Kaylee.

I was honored to attend their wedding and have watched them grow in their faith, both individually and as a couple. They are now the parents of two more beautiful daughters - Addison and Dakota - and active members of their church. God continues to write a beautiful story of redemption and grace in their lives.

My friend, God used YOU to build this family. I just love the Normans and their beautiful story, which shows the heart of this ministry: saving babies, sharing Jesus, and seeing God transform broken men and women into families of faith.

Your prayers and gifts made this possible. God is still writing the Norman’s story: stay tuned for more great things to come from Dave and Justine, Kaylee, Addison and Dakota.

But for now, please consider helping us build more families like theirs. Give today.


Angela Murray, Director of Outreach and Volunteers