Kelly’s Story.

From Kelly Stauffer, Board Member:

Did you know that each year, God uses you to save approximately 350 babies through the work at the Pregnancy Clinic?

This is amazing. I rejoice, not just because those 350 children will have stories of their own to tell, but also because their mothers were rescued from making a terrible decision. This is personal for me, because I made that wrong choice years ago.

Post-abortive women often suffer from Post Abortion Stress, and can experience problems in relationships, dreams and nightmares, guilt or anger, or complete avoidance of the subject. In my case, I turned to drugs and alcohol as a way to numb my suffering. Our society does not acknowledge our pain – much less provide a way to support us or help us move on from it.

But the Pregnancy Clinic is there for us.

In August, you prayed for women going through the Pregnancy Clinic Ministry’s Post-Abortion Bible Study. Over the years, hundreds of hurting women have found hope, healing, and restoration after participating in this study. 

Women just like me. You can watch the video below to hear my story of healing.

Thank you for your prayers for these women - and for me. 

As a supporter of the Pregnancy Clinic, you aren't just saving babies. You are also providing the opportunity for women to write stories of healing into their lives and become mighty forces in the lives of their families.

Thank you for building the families of tomorrow - and providing healing for the families of today.

With gratitude,

Kelly Stauffer, Board Member

PS: 1 in 3 women in our society have experienced an abortion. As I said in the video, God can forgive all things – even abortion. The Pregnancy Clinic is here to help. Learn more about the Post-Abortion Bible Study here.