From Pamela Palumbo, CEO:

One of my favorite stories of this year is "Juliette." You may remember her - we asked you to pray for her in our September 1 e-newsletter. (Read it here.)

As a quick recap, Juliette is a high school student who came to the clinic, fearful of telling her parents if she was pregnant.

Juliette's test was positive, and her sonogram showed an active, 12-week old baby.  Her compassionate counselor offered her truth spoken with love and delivered the message of Hope.

And together, we - counselors, staff, YOU - all prayed for Juliette. 

The end of this story is a joyful one: Juliette, with the encouragement of her counselor, did tell her parents about her pregnancy. To Juliette's surprise, her parents were completely supportive of her decision to parent her baby. Together, they made a plan to help her finish her senior year of high school. They are all looking forward to meeting this surprise addition to the family in the new year. 

God used you to save the life of Juliette's baby and make this happy ending possible.

Day after day, your gifts are building the families of the future - families like Juliette's.

There are more Juliettes who need our help. Your gifts to the Pregnancy Clinic train the counselors, maintain the clinic's medical equipment, and support our marketing efforts to reach young women like Juliette.

On this Giving Tuesday, help us tell the stories of tomorrow. Please consider a gift to the Pregnancy Clinic Ministry. Click here to be directed to our secure giving page. 


Pamela Palumbo, CEO