Volunteer Spotlight: Meet Casey, a true MVP

Today we give a shout-out to Casey! But first, a little back-story.

Often our clients will come to the Clinic accompanied by a man.

We know that these male guests, relaxing on our couches in the waiting room, have significant influence in the decision being made by the woman we are currently ministering to. After all, the moment she leaves our offices, conversation will immediately start with this man next to her. “What did you talk about?” “Did you see a sonogram?” “What are you going to do?”

These men – fathers, brothers, friends, boyfriends, husbands – are also facing fears, challenges, and concerns of their own, all relating to this unexpected pregnancy. But society tells them that their opinion doesn’t matter - that they don’t get a voice - that, honestly, the best they can do is to be quiet and “support whatever decision she makes.”

Does he want this baby? Does he want her to want this baby? Does he know what fatherhood means? Does he understand what happens during the abortion procedure that this woman is considering? What about his parents – school – job? What will his friends say? On and on and on.

So he sits (or sprawls) in the waiting room, his thoughts weighing him down, glued to his phones for distraction. Sometimes, he’ll just fall asleep.

That is the environment where Casey thrives.

For the last nine years, Casey has been volunteering weekly in the Bowie Clinic as a Pregnancy Clinic MVPs (Male Volunteer Presence). Like all of our MVPs, Casey has been trained and equipped to speak to these men as they wait the waiting room. He’s ready to answer any questions they may have and invite them into deeper conversations, if they show interest.

Each of our three offices has a counseling room set aside where MVPs can meet with these men – somewhere private and slightly more “manly” in decoration. The space is non-confrontational. Comfortable.

But abortion is not a comfortable topic, and our MVPs often challenge the men to consider his opinion on fatherhood, on abortion, on marriage, and how he can best support and encourage their daughter/wife/girlfriend/friend in choosing life.

Casey engages in these conversations with love, humbleness, and boldness. He knows that these are life or death conversations. And he knows that he is planting seeds for God’s kingdom.

On days when there are no men for Casey to minister to, he is a calming, quiet presence in the office. He reads his Bible, offers to help in the office as needed, and gives a smiling welcome to volunteers, staff, and clients.  

We are grateful to Casey for his quiet dedication and steadfast commitment to serving with this Ministry.

And we are grateful to all our MVPs who are willing to meet with these men and encourage them, too, to take a stand for Life.

Thank you, Casey!

Is God calling you to serve? Men, women, and medical professionals are needed. Our next volunteer training starts October 3, 2019. For information or to register, go to helphopeandhealing.org/volunteer.