My Counselor Listened.

"I like that my counselor actually listened to me, she helped to relieve my anxiety."

quote from recent client survey

Did you know? Each and every one of the women who come through our doors is given an opportunity to leave feedback. Our Client Exit Interview form contains questions that invite honest responses, like: "Was your counselor sensitive and respectful of your beliefs?" and "What could we change the make the Pregnancy Clinic more helpful to someone in your situation?"

Our clients are forthright, and we receive their feedback with gratitude because we are constantly self-evaluating to see what we can do better to serve them.

But every now and then, we get a response that fills our hearts with simple joy and lets us know that we are on the right track.

"My counselor actually listened to me."

Each day, every moment, volunteer counselors and staff strive to minister to the women and men who come through our doors. We want to offer a calm, peace-filled presence in the midst of their often chaotic circumstances. We aim to provide a space of safety for clients to still the noise around them and find quiet. Most of all: We long to hear her story, her fears, and her anxieties - and ultimately, to share with her the peace that comes from the Father. 

Join us as we praise God!

  • For this woman, who found truth and love at the Pregnancy Clinic;
  • For all of our precious clients and their preborn children - each one made in the image of God and of incalculable worth; 
  • For the volunteers who serve faithfully each week;
  • And for the privilege we have to speak Life and offer the Love of Christ to everyone we encounter.

Are you considering volunteering at the Pregnancy Clinic as a counselor or Male Volunteer Presence? Another class starts soon.