Concerning Our Married Clients…

Pray for Kendra and Max.

"Kendra" and her husband, "Max," both say they want children - "someday."

However, the married couple recently the visited the Pregnancy Clinic, strongly considering an abortion for their 11-week preborn baby. Financial stresses and other factors have both Kendra and her husband very fearful of parenting.

Please join us as we pray for Kendra and her husband:

  • That the words of their counselor will resonate in their hearts and minds;
  • That the sound of their baby’s heartbeat will drown out their fears,
  • And that they will embrace parenting this baby now as part of God’s perfect plan for their family.

Did you know? In 2018, 17% of Pregnancy Clinic clients were married and faced unique challenges as both partners, or in some cases, only one partner, considered abortion.