Praying for “Stephanie.”

And all the girls like her.

Stephanie is a young girl in high school and just found out that she is pregnant. Her mother and aunt brought her to the clinic for a pregnancy test and, because the family was strongly considering an abortion, we offered Stephanie a sonogram.

Stephanie had time to speak with a counselor. During the sonogram, her heart softened towards her preborn baby. She left the room, determined and excited to parent her child.

Her family in the waiting room, however, continued to pressure her towards an abortion.

This week, join us as we pray for Stephanie. Pray:

  • for courage and strength to be with Stephanie as she takes a stand for life for her preborn child;
  • for Stephanie's parents and the other adults in her life to have a change of heart towards Stephanie and the precious life that she is now carrying;
  • for God's redemptive hand to be on this family, so that this difficult and tense situation will become an opportunity to praise Him.

Did you know? In July, volunteer counselors at the Pregnancy Clinic have met with an increasing number of very young women, ages 14-17. Summer is a time when teenagers have relaxed rules at home and more free time, and they need places like the Pregnancy Clinic to speak truth and hope into their lives. Please join us as we pray for all of these teenage girls who now find themselves making grown-up, life and death decisions.