Another Life Rescued!

Abortion Pill Reversal Works Again.

Recently, the Pregnancy Clinic received news that baby "Noah" had been born.

Last year, Noah's mother - "Emma" - decided to have a chemical abortion and took the first pill, mifepristone, to end her pregnancy. She immediately regretted her decision and contacted the Abortion Pill Rescue Network for help. They directed her to us.

Emma is excited to be a new mom and doing so well!! You can read more about her story, and the APR process, on our blog.

Did you know? The news is buzzing these days about Abortion Pill Reversal. We discussed the science and history in a recent newsletter. According to the staff at Heartbeat International, more than 750 babies nation-wide have been saved through this cutting-edge therapy. Baby Noah is the third baby born to a client of the Pregnancy Clinic Ministry.

At any one time, medical staff at the Pregnancy Clinic are serving several women who are seeking to reverse the effects of their chemical abortion. Please be in prayer for these women and their families.