Talking about our MVPs:

Men: There's A Role Just For You!

Because we all know that abortion is not just a woman's issue.

Many women bring men to their appointments. Partners, dads, husbands, friends. These men will be with her when they leave the Clinic and she ponders the words spoken by the counselor and the visual provided by her sonogram. His words and actions will have a significant influence on the her final decision.

But it's not just about the women. These men, too, are facing an unexpected change in their lives. They, too, are often concerned and worried. And they, too, are facing an important choice.

Sometimes these men don't want to talk. They want to sit alone on the couch and wait. But many men are willing or even eager to meet with another man so that they can learn about their options, discuss their fears, and find hope.

The Pregnancy Clinic has a volunteer role just for that: MVP - Male Volunteer Presence.

MVPs complete the Volunteer Training class but receive special training that equips them to minister to men. Like their female counterparts, MVPs follow up with the men they've counseled, offering encouragement, resources, and support.

Right now, too often, the young men in our waiting rooms sit, alone.

Men: If you are passionate about Life and want a concrete way to help the men and families in our community, we need you

Interested?  Contact Angela today and get started.

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