Pray for the Men!

Because abortion affects them, too.

Women aren't the only ones who come into our clinics for their appointments. Sometimes, they have girl friends, moms, or even siblings. But often, they bring a man. It might be her boyfriend, her husband, her father, or possibly just a friend. His influence in her final decision is huge.

Men have no legal say in what a woman chooses to do with her pregnancy. However, many of them care about it. Men, too, can be hurt deeply by abortion.

In your prayer time, please join us as we pray for these men:

  • for God's truth to cut through the noise in their minds as they ponder this sudden change for their lives,
  • that they would understand the impact their loving support can have on the expectant mother,
  • and that they would have soft hearts and open minds as they hear about the love of their heavenly Father and His design for fatherhood.