Time to Take a Stand

Your Voice Needs to be Heard by Friday (May 24) at 5pm!

Please contact the Governor's office by email or phone (410-974-3901) and urge him to veto House Bill 1272/Senate Bill 904 "Family Planning Program Funding." You can read more about the bill here

This bill affects every tax payer in Maryland. It: 

  • Uses your tax dollars to fund elective abortion services.
  • Makes it mandatory for Maryland to fund all abortion services not covered by the federal government. 
  • Bans the state from giving federal funds to organizations that will not refer for abortion, including Pregnancy Clinics and Centers. 

Effectively, this bill will force the state of Maryland to always fund abortion providers like Planned Parenthood, even if Roe v. Wade is overturned, and even if the federal government stops payment for abortion services through Title X.

Many pregnancy centers - like the Pregnancy Clinic - do not currently accept federal funding. But this bill will prevent us from receiving this funding if we ever wanted to.  It is a bad bill.

This bill is sitting on Governor Hogan's desk right now. If he does not veto it before Saturday, May 25, it will automatically become law. And that would be bad for Maryland.

Your voice makes a huge difference!

Please help get this word out!

Call or email the Governor's Office today!