Pray for Tianna and her daughter.

These are the calls that break our hearts.

Tianna called the Pregnancy Clinic recently, asking for information about pregnancy testing and STD testing. She needed services for her 13 year old daughter - who had just been raped.

Tianna is not alone. Many mothers seek out the Pregnancy Clinic on behalf of their daughters. Some moms are looking for STD testing or pregnancy tests - others are seeking abortion services. All, however, are united in love for their daughters.

Please join us in praying for Tianna and mothers like her with hurting daughters. Pray:

  • For God to give them words of Life for their daughters, 
  • For these moms to have clarity and wisdom as they seek appropriate services, and 
  • For the hope and healing of Jesus to come upon their families as these moms comfort their daughters and grieve.