Meet Erin.

An interview with Erin, one of our newest volunteers, who is currently in her Counseling Internship after completing the Volunteer Training.

How did you get involved?

As a young high-school student, I learned that my church in Georgia was a supporter of a pregnancy clinic. I was immediately interested to learn more about the work done there. I took a tour of the clinic and soon after enlisted several of my friends to help me crochet baby blankets to give to the clinic.

After I graduated from high school and was attending college locally, I reached out to learn more about volunteer opportunities. Within a few weeks, I attended volunteer training and was soon working weekly as an office assistant. I was able to observe counselors working with clients as well as nurses doing sonograms. I fell in love with the ministry.

I’m so glad that God has opened the doors for me to serve Him through loving the women who come through the Clinic.

Erin, Volunteer Intern

However, my time there was short-lived. I ended up discontinuing classes and taking a full time job for a semester before moving out of state to attend a new college and complete my degree. Ever since that time, I have looked forward to when God would allow me the time and opportunity to be part of a pregnancy clinic ministry again.

After 3 years of college, one year teaching in China, and two years teaching in the Eastern Shore of Maryland, I got married and moved to Severna Park. I began researching ways to get involved in my new community and was thrilled to discover the Pregnancy Clinic. I called for more information and was able to begin training just a few weeks later. I’m so glad that God has opened the doors for me to serve Him through loving the women who come through the Clinic.

What has God shown you since joining this Ministry?

I’m still completing my internship now, but in my short time at the Clinic, I have learned so much. The training class was exceptional. The class was very thorough and at the end of it, I had confidence to move forward to the next step as a volunteer intern. The communication skills were very helpful to learn, because it enabled to see how rapport could be earned and difficult conversations could be had even within a short time constraint. I was able to learn how truth can be shared in love and how to avoid even unintended manipulation.

Since beginning my time as a volunteer intern, I’ve been privileged to observe three experienced counselors working with clients. It has been so helpful to me to see how God uses different personalities and different styles in the counseling room to bring truth and even tender confrontations to clients.

Every week I am encouraged by the spirit of the ladies I am able to work alongside and am built up by the time spent in prayer together. I am able to see more of God’s sovereignty and grace every week as clients come through the clinic and as follow-ups are shared.

I am learning, perhaps most of all, that an obedient heart is what God most desires in me. He loves the clients in our office so much. I am not responsible for how anyone chooses to respond to the truth, but I am responsible to be faithful in sharing it. That can be so daunting... especially as an intern! But God is showing me more every week that this is not about me! I am His vessel. A weighty responsibility, but a privilege. God requires faithfulness and obedience, and he promises His presence, his strength, his wisdom, and his guidance. If He be for me, who can be against?

“For I the Lord thy God will hold thy right hand, saying unto thee, Fear not; I will help thee.”

Isaiah 41:13

Erin, Volunteer Intern