Spotlight on Richard

Meet Richard, one of our Pregnancy Clinic Ministry MVP’s… Male Volunteer Presence, that is. MVP’s counsel the men who accompany our clients to their appointments. MVP’s come along side these young men and initiate open, honest conversations about relationships, fatherhood and what God is calling them to. Richard serves as an MVP in our Bowie Clinic and has had many opportunities to minister to the men and speak truth into their lives. Richard and his wife, Marion, are members of Grace Baptist Church in Odenton.

What [initially] drew me to the Pregnancy Clinic was a yearning to share the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Richard, MVP

"What drew me to the Pregnancy Clinic was a yearning to share the gospel of Jesus Christ with people, first of all," Richard says. “God's desire is to create life, which He did out of death to give life to all who would believe and trust in Him.

"Previous to coming to the clinic, I read some documents written by Margaret Sanger. As she had spoken out against the preservation of human life, this encouraged me more, that I should not only care for the souls who are leaving this world, but also for the ones who are being born.

"The Lord set the example by reaching out to all people who are in dire need.  From my view, the Pregnancy Clinic creates families and preserves life. The Savior, the Lord Jesus Christ esteem these things highly. Hearts and minds are changed through the love of God and His truth.

"A second reason I was drawn to the Clinic was the men. The men who come with the women require attention so that they may be assisted in having a clear perspective on their responsibilities to the women in dire need.

"Finally, when Marian took me to the clinic for a tour, that sealed it.”

We are so grateful for Richard, and for all of our volunteers who courageously answer God’s call to serve Him here.

MVP Richard and his lovely wife, Marian.