Praising God For Our Volunteers!

During the month of April, nonprofits around the country are recognizing and celebrating the work of our volunteers. Volunteers truly are the hands and feet of this ministry. God uses volunteers in the offices, in their cars, in the counseling rooms, and in the sacred silence of the sonography rooms. We are so blessed to be alongside these men and women of God, doing God's work, sharing His message of help, hope, and healing to our community.

Today, please join us in praying for our volunteers:

  • Praising God for their hearts of compassion and their commitment to the mission field.
  • Praying for protection as they engage in the spiritual battle for Life.
  • Praying that God would convict more men and women to join in this important work.
  • Pray that God would call more medical professionals to volunteer with us.

More Volunteer Appreciation photos on our Facebook page.

Volunteer Appreciation Dinner: April 11, 2019