Open House: Severna Park

Wednesday April 4, 6-8pm

In the movie “Unplanned”, there are scenes that depict the inside of an abortion clinic: the despair of a waiting room full of scared women, and women inconsolable after their abortions. We are horrified when we think of these wounded mothers and the lives of so many innocent babies taken through abortion.

Friends, this is not just Hollywood. This is reality.

The Severna Park Pregnancy Clinic is located in the very office that was used, not so long ago, as an abortion clinic. When we took over this space, we found filthy conditions: blood stains on the floor, dirty carpets, stains on the walls, even a note to employees reminding them to make sure there were no ‘specimens or blood in the sink”.

In 2006, God used the support of His faithful and the Pregnancy Clinic Ministry to redeem this space from a place of death and darkness to one of LIGHT and LIFE. Now, women receive help, hope, and healing - and the Good News of the love of Jesus Christ, shared by volunteers who are called to serve Him here.

Join us on Wednesday, April 10 from 6-8pm for an Open House at the Severna Park Pregnancy Clinic.

Tour the Clinic. Witness the redemption - of the office space, and the many women whose lives have been changed since we opened our doors. Join us to remember the lives lost here and give thanks for the lives that have been saved.