A Fine Reminder Of Why Today May Have Happened…

All praises belong to God!!

This week we had the pleasure of meeting Ashley, who was in the waiting room of Planned Parenthood waiting to be seen for her pre-abortion appointment.

By the grace of God, she looked out of the window to see our clinic across the street and was drawn to visit us. She was able to come over to us and received a sonogram, counseling, and the Truth in Love.

Ashley was welcomed with open arms by our wonderful volunteers and is now considering choosing life for her baby. Before departing, she referred to this divine appointment as "A fine reminder of God and why today may have happened."

This is also a fine reminder to us too about why we and all of our volunteers serve in this ministry!

We continue to pray for Ashley: for her to accept God's unwavering grace, that this divine appointment continues to be a "fine reminder" to her that God has a plan, and for the seeds that were planted to blossom into a decision to choose life.