I’m Never Doing That Again.

"Leslie" came to us after a positive home pregnancy test and wanted to have the test confirmed. She was a previous client at the Pregnancy Clinic and felt comfortable returning to our clinic for compassionate, confidential counseling. During conversation with her counselor, Leslie shared that she'd had two abortions in the past and stated that she's "never doing that again." Her family and the father of the baby are supportive of this pregnancy, and when Leslie left, she was optimistic and excited to carry this baby to term.

Leslie's counselor will continue to follow up with her, and we rejoice that she is choosing life for her child. But she still bears the pain of her previous abortions, and faces many challenges.

Please pray for Leslie: Praise the Lord that she has encouraging and supportive people around her, and that she is choosing life for her baby. Pray that she will continue to seek healing for her past abortions. And pray that she will continue, despite upcoming difficulties, in her path towards parenthood.

Did you know? The Pregnancy Clinic offers a Post Abortion Bible Study to women who are suffering the guilt and regret of abortion, even if that abortion is many years in the past. Learn more about the Post Abortion Study on our blog.