Volunteer Spotlight: Dave and Barbara

Dave and Barbara are best known at the Pregnancy Clinic as the wife and husband team teaching the "How to Afford a Baby" Life Sense class.  They have five kids ranging from ages 16 to 27, all of whom were homeschooled up through high school.

Barbara took the training in Summer 2009 and has counseled, acted as a receptionist, and taught Life Sense classes. Dave joined Barbara as a volunteer at the Pregnancy Clinic in order to team-teach the popular Life Sense class which appeals to both women and men. 

We asked Dave and Barbara a few questions to get to know them.

What are you studying in the Bible?

Barbara: Recently, the Lord reminded me through scripture (2 Corinthians 6:18) that I am a cherished daughter of the Father and that when He looks at me, He doesn't focus upon past failures, faults, or sins. Also, in order for me to look at others as they are truly created to be, I need to spend more focused time with my Heavenly Father and become saturated with His love, so I can go out and love others the way Jesus did.

Dave: I'm learning that loving all people, the second great commandment, is more challenging than we think, but that's where the Holy Spirit comes to the rescue!

What's something we don't know about you?

Barbara: I would rather be outside enjoying God's creation than any place else, and if I am not outside, I get a little grumpy! I also enjoy making flower arrangements at my part-time job at a local florist because people always smile when you give them beautiful flowers!

Dave: My college graduation present was sailing to Bermuda in my dad's 36-foot sailboat with my dad and two other guys. We went through a massive storm in the Bermuda triangle, where we made no progress for 24 hours  with 50-foot waves, but we were safe, and it was the first time I ever got seasick. Afterwards, a group of dolphins came alongside us and played and gave us great joy--a gift from God I later realized.

What do you enjoy most about your work at the Pregnancy Clinic?

Barbara: I love how non-judgemental and caring all the staff and volunteers are towards the clients that come into the Pregnancy Clinic. Seeing this has really helped me look at the clients through the eyes of Jesus. I have also learned how to speak the truth in love through working at the Clinic. I love listening to clients' stories and helping them move forward in their lives, reminding them how precious they are to God and that He has a plan for them and the life growing inside of them! I really enjoy teaching the Life Sense class with my husband, Dave. We have great interactions with the clients that attend the class, and we try to engage everyone in the class with personal examples and sometimes a few jokes!

Dave: I love sharing what we know and have been through regarding personal finances and spending plans, applying it to starting a family, and how there are over 2300 verses in the Bible on money and stuff.