Volunteer Training Class: Starts February 2019

I just love having the opportunity to offer hope and truth and support to these women. I love that we get to sit down in a quiet, safe space and talk openly about the most important things that she might not have anyone else to talk to about life, death, faith, choices, second chances…

Mostly, I want to show her the love of Jesus Christ.

Joy Hall, Counselor and Life Sense Coordinator

These words spoken by Joy Hall, Pregnancy Clinic Counselor and Life Sense Coordinator, go straight to the heart of what volunteering with the Pregnancy Clinic looks like:

Ministering to women who are lost, broken and unsure of what to do,

Showing women and men the love of Christ and a new perspective on their unique situation, and 

Using your distinctive personality, unique gifts, and God-given talents to advance God's Kingdom.

The Pregnancy Clinic is a ministry of saving lives and changing hearts. Is God calling you this new year? The Volunteer Training course is the first step. Join us and see where God would have you serve. Sign Up Today.

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