Grieving for a Past Abortion: Meet “Erin”

During the Volunteer Training class - another blog on that later this week - students learn about the possible physical and emotional side effects of abortion. I say "possible" because there is much debate in the media about whether or not these side effects exist. But the women walking into our clinics - the walking wounded - tell stories of sadness, depression, addiction, and more, all stemming from that one choice they made in their past.

Women like "Erin," who is grieving the abortion she had many years ago. Erin recently shared that she has never told anyone about the abortion, and she is suffering from feelings of deep regret and guilt.

We ask you to pray for Erin and other women - and men - like her who have been wounded by an abortion in their past, and that God will guide them into a place of healing.

Did You Know? The Pregnancy Clinic offers a free and confidential Post Abortion Bible Study to minister to women - like Erin - who have been wounded by abortion. Staffed by well-trained, compassionate professional and lay counselors, attendees discover the grace and forgiveness found only in the arms of their loving Father.

These studies can lead to powerful healing. One of our past participants says,

Participating in the Post Abortion Study study through the Bowie Crofton Pregnancy Clinic is one of the most important things I’ve done in my life. I had kept the confusion and pain from my abortion, at 16 years old, contained for 28 years. The healing that happened through the Post Abortion Study has been transformational for both myself and my family.

Anonymous Post Abortion Study participant

Another Post Abortion Bible Study starts soon. To learn more, click here.