A Battlefield: A Message From One of Our Volunteers.

My name is Iva, and I’ve been a volunteer counselor at the Pregnancy Clinic for over 5 years.

Let me tell you about one of my clients.

“Carla” came to our clinic about a month ago. She’d had an abortion in the past and due to her circumstances was strongly considering another.

I met with Carla to discuss her options, then she had her ultrasound. When she left, I felt sure that her next call would be to an abortion clinic.

I followed up with her several times over the next month with no response. I sent one last text message and then I received a joyful email.  Carla had decided not to have the abortion!

Carla wrote that hearing the heartbeat and seeing her baby on the screen during her ultrasound proved to be life changing. “[The Pregnancy Clinic] played a big part in my decision-making process! …To actually hear the heartbeat, especially so early on, it really gave me a new perspective.”

Friends, when I see hearts and lives changed in very real, tangible ways – THAT is what makes the challenges of this ministry so rewarding. Great “highs”, great “lows” - but always the faithfulness of God. 

This is “front line battle” work where decisions of life and death happen every day.  We witness God at work when we hear the heartbeat on the sonograms, the compassionate murmurings of our counselors, and the encouraged women making courageous decisions.

Your generous gifts make this possible for women like Carla, and we are grateful.

Merry Christmas.

Iva Grahek, Volunteer Counselor (Retired US Army)

Your gifts provide HOPE for women like Carla. In order for your gift to count for 2018, you have until 8 pm on Monday 12/31 to give online or you can drop a check in the mail dated 12/31/18.