Meet Madilyn.

Little Madilyn is the light of her mother's life.

You might recognize Madilyn - she was on the cover of our Thanksgiving card. But she should be especially dear to those who have partnered with the Pregnancy Clinic Ministries several years ago. Here's more of her story.

Madilyn’s mother – Michelle – was working her way through college when she found out she was pregnant. Michelle knew deep in her heart that she wanted to be a mother – someday – but she had no idea how she could afford a baby and balance parenting and continuing her education.

A friend told her about the Pregnancy Clinic, and she came to us right before Thanksgiving in 2016. That appointment changed Michelle’s life. “The Pregnancy Clinic gave me hope,” she says now. “They understood how I felt… and reminded me of my own strength and courage.”

In the summer of 2017, baby Madilyn was born.Because of God's mercy.... her mother's courage.... and the generosity of our partners...  today Madilyn is a happy healthy toddler.

At the Pregnancy Clinic, the impact of each gift is felt far into the future. This time three years ago, people like you partnered with the Pregnancy Clinic. Those gifts were used to train the counselor who met with Michelle, to pay the mortgage for the Annapolis clinic where they met, and to provide the ultrasound so that Michelle could hear Madilyn's heartbeat for the first time. Those past gifts saved Madilyn's life.

God knew that Michelle was going to call us in the winter of 2016, and He started preparing the way years earlier: with our partners.

Your gifts save the lives of children and change the hearts of their parents in powerful ways. This Christmas, please consider making a life-saving life-changing gift to the Pregnancy Clinic Ministry.