Heartbreaking Phone Calls

Heartbreaking phone calls

"I am 19 weeks and I just need an abortion. Thank you" ~sound of the dial tone

Every day, at all three of our offices, we receive phone calls from women and men seeking abortions. Many times we are able to have a conversation with the caller about their situation and offer them an appointment for counseling and an ultrasound. The most heartbreaking calls are when the caller is obviously distressed, often crying,  reluctant to say the word “abortion” and even whispering it into the phone before hanging up. Please join us first in praising God that these women and men are finding us and that we are able to minister to them during our conversations. Please pray also their ears and hearts would be open to hearing the truth spoken in love, that they will make an appointment and ultimately choose life for their unborn baby and themselves.

Less Than a Month Away!

Just one month until the Spike for Life Volleyball Tournament on Saturday 4/28! Don't miss this great opportunity to support the work of the Pregnancy Clinic and have a fun day of volleyball. Get your team ready! Don't have a team but want to play? Can't play but want to be a sponsor and be a part of saving lives? Call us at 410-431-5000 and we'll get you set!www.spikeforlife.org

April is just around the corner...

Did you know that April is Volunteer Appreciation Month?
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Also in April, registration for our Summer Volunteer Training Course will open . If you have any questions about volunteering, you can also contact, Angela.