Overflowing with Thankfulness

Overflowing with Thankfulness

Our hearts are full of thankfulness; for God's graciousness and you, our faithful prayer partners. 

  • We asked in our last newsletter for prayers for "Tiffany", and we have learned that she has found support from her mom and has changed her mind from abortion to life for her baby.
  • We also asked on Facebook for prayers for "Diana", and we are so thankful to share that Diana has had a change of heart and is now planning to carry her baby to term. Please continue to pray for strength and health for Diana as she trusts God in her journey.
  • We also are praising God and ask for continued prayers for a Muslim client who has expressed interest in learning more about the hope found only in Jesus Christ.

ECFA Accreditation

We are pleased to announce that the Pregnancy Clinic Ministry has earned accreditation by the ECFA (Evangelical Council for Financial Accountability). “Along with our platinum rating by Guidestar, this affiliation with ECFA provides an increased sense of credibility, transparency and accessibility for our partners and community,” said CEO, Pamela Palumbo.

Sanctity of Human Life Week, January 14th-21st

The Pregnancy Clinic Ministry invites your church to partner with us to recognize Sanctity of Human Life Sunday through hosting guest speakers, distributing bulletin inserts, raising money through a Baby Bottle Campaign, and praying for this Ministry and the women who come through our doors seeking help and hope.
To see how your church can commemorate Sanctity of Human Life Sunday, contact Angela Murray, Director of Outreach and Volunteer Services.
Join with us to be voices and advocates for all life, and especially for those who cannot speak for themselves.