“I’ll wait for an ultrasound…”

"I know that it's going to be a struggle, but when I see her, I give thanks to God that she is here, safe and healthy." ~"Lily" Abortion Pill Reversal Client

"I'll wait for an ultrasound, but I still have to have an abortion."
Please join us in prayer for client "Kimberly" who is actively seeking an abortion.  Kimberly has decided to wait until after she receives an ultrasound from the Pregnancy Clinic to schedule an abortion.  Please pray that her heart is softened by the ultrasound and hearing her baby's heartbeat and that it moves her to choose life. Please also pray for her counselor as she continues to minister and care for Kimberly.

Benefit Art Show is coming soon!
Lindsay (Palumbo) Wilkins, daughter of CEO, Pamela Palumbo, is combining her artistic gifts and passion for the ministry of the Pregnancy Clinic to make a life saving difference. We invite you to join us June 28th from 6 to 8:30 pm at our Annapolis office for this wonderful evening of art.

Please pray for our Volunteer Training Class
Please pray for the men and women who started the volunteer training class this past Tuesday, June 6th. Feel like God has been tugging on your heart to take the training class featuring communication tools, crisis intervention, and skills for sharing the Gospel? It is not too late to join this summer evening class. Contact Angela at 443-857-8045 today!