Was this God’s wake-up call?

Blessed Good Friday
We are grateful to have unique opportunities to care for women spiritually by having conversations about Jesus and sharing the hope of the Gospel. Our prayer is that each of them not only choose life for their child, but choose eternal life for themselves. Praise God for his sacrificial love that reaches out to all of us in our darkest places and gives us life.

Please pray for "Morgan"
Please pray for our client Morgan, who came to our Severna Park office afraid she might be pregnant. Her boyfriend was not supportive and was pressuring her to abort. Morgan's test was negative and her counselor had a chance to share the Gospel with her and encouraged her to return to her faith. Morgan considered this "pregnancy scare" to be God's wake-up call in her life. Please pray that she does indeed begin to make healthy, God honoring choices, and that her counselor can remain in touch with her to be a Christian encouragement and influence.

Current training class coming to a close
Please pray for the participants who recently completed the volunteer training class and will begin their internship soon. Please pray for wisdom and discernment for all involved in that process. 
Our next volunteer training class begins June 6th. If you are interested in learning more, please email Angela or call her at 410.431.5000.