Celebrating Christmas with a new little one!

Celebrating Christmas with a new little one!
Spencer James

In our July and August newsletters we asked for prayers for "Victoria" who walked in to our Annapolis clinic looking for an abortion and found out she was 5 months pregnant. We have learned that she had her healthy, Spencer James, and placed him with a loving adoptive family. Victoria is thriving, has a new job and said the whole adoption experience went smoothly and she is so happy how it all worked out.

Please pray for Victoria, that even as she has chosen life for her son, she would choose life for herself and come to know Christ who came as a baby to save her. 

You are the Light of the World
15401115_10154321933731443_2167641766502623624_nTo hearts that are shrouded in fear, you can be a light in the darkness.
Taking our volunteer training course does not obligate you to counsel and God calls people for different reasons to take this dynamic training. Our Spring Volunteer Training course begins this February 7th.
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Ultrasound Models Needed!
12-27-16We're looking for pregnant women who are 6-9 weeks along and who are willing to come be a sono model for us Tuesday, December 27th! We have slots available between 12 and 4pm, please email us at info@pregnancyclinic.org! (If your pregnancy is still private, don't worry, we'll keep your secret) Please share so we can fill up this training opportunity!