Prayer for Tamisha’s little one

Prayer to protect "Tamisha's" baby...
b3a264cd9267c74793b39171_240x240Please keep "Tamisha" in your prayers. She is in her third trimester and has told us that she is hoping to miscarry so she doesn’t have to pay for a very expensive abortion. Please pray that God continues to protect this little one. Please pray that she chooses life and that her heart would be more open to choosing an adoptive family for her child. Please also keep her counselor in your prayers as she ministers to Tamisha.

Ambulance at the Annapolis Planned Parenthood
28ea3371dbe258a246c2df81_240x240Some of you may have seen this post on our facebook sharing the horrific story of the woman rushed to the hospital from complications with her abortion. Click here to read the article and watch the video.
Please join us in prayer for this woman, the abortion workers at the Annapolis Planned Parenthood, and the EMTs and doctors who cared for her. 

Victory in the Courts for Pregnancy Resource Centers
fbf79f1a54d98b996f5223f2_240x240When it comes to abortion laws, there are few states that are more liberal than Maryland. Thankfully, the federal court just ruled a case in favor of pregnancy resource centers like us in Maryland.  Click here to read the Baltimore Sun's full article on the court ruling.