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780c35409bb2551a1647d7f3_240x240The Walk and Run for life is our biggest fundraiser of the year. It keeps our lights on, our staff working, and our ministry running to serve women and save the lives of babies.
Register and begin raising money today, we're counting on your help to reach hurting women and save babies from abortion!

"This wasn't our plan, but I know God has a plan."
picture1Please pray for "Jenny" who is struggling with a past abortion and has recently found out she is pregnant again. She no longer believes in abortion and wants to parent, but is unsure how she and the father of the baby are going to make it work financially. Please lift up Jenny in prayer as she continues seeking God's love, and please pray that her young family can find the support they need to be able to parent this new little one.

One out of three
cca4b53bf01098a4f36ff4e3_210x240Did you know that statistics show that one out of three women has had an abortion? At the Pregnancy Clinic we offer a Post Abortion Bible Study to help those who are struggling with a past abortion.  Please pray especially for all of our volunteer counselors and interns who have taken or are currently participating in the study. Please pray that they would be strengthened and healed and prepared to serve others.