If I have this baby, where will I go?

"But if I have this baby, where will I live?"

While caring for her client, one of our counselors learned that "Ava" was concerned she may be kicked out of her home because of her pregnancy.

Please pray that Ava would remain strong in her resolve to carry her baby, and pray that her housemates' hearts are softened towards her little one.  Please also pray that if Ava is forced to leave that she avails herself of one of our housing referrals and that and that God would lead her to a safe home for her and her baby.

"I can see that this is not a part of God's plan for me..."
"Jessica" walked in to our clinic looking for a pregnancy test. Although her test was negative, she and her counselor had the opportunity to talk about what God's plan was for her and her sexual health. As they were talking, Jessica began to really see the benefits of abstaining from sex until marriage.
Please pray that Jessica will be strengthened in her resolve to live according to God's perfect plan.

Post Abortion Healing
Please pray for the women who are in our Post Abortion Bible Study.  They are now about half-way through the session. Please pray that they would find healing and that each woman would be strengthened, encouraged, and at peace.  If you or someone you know needs healing from an abortion wound, we're here to help.